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Stop DNA manipulation

The wishful thinking of genetic scientists

Or how to invent a new computer

This is a more detailed explanation of the introduction to the hidden risk of genetic engineering.

The foundation of genetic engineering - the doctrine of the DNA

The plan or program how to build a living creature lies in the genetic structure called DNA and nowhere else. This is the doctrine and mantra of genetic scientists. The DNA is not only the program, it is the computer to operate on itself, too. Moreover it is part of a robot, which actually builds the creature and thus itself. Finally this combined program-computer is able to develop itself through a random driven process called evolution.

The DNA program is its own computer, its own factory and its own programmer

DNA replication

To make things clear, this is not just an analogy, it is real, at least for genetic scientists. While different from a computer as we know it today, the DNA-computer is assumed to be at the lowest level digital and completely based on physical forces, which follow exactly and reproducibly physical laws. So it is thought to be a pure mechanical system mainly driven by the electromagnetic force and thermal motion. There are elements of random in this whole process, for instance quantum effects and starting conditions, but these effects are considered to not hamper an outcome of this program, that lies within the natural bounds of a species. Monovular twins are considered to have the same program and are developing very similar albeit not exactly identical. Only these tiny differences are attributed to random influences. Much bigger differences between members of the same species are deemed to be caused by slightly different programs and not by random.

The implication of this mechanical view is that such a computer should be completely simulatable with a Turing machine, the basic concept of today's silicon computers. From a mathematical point of view it would have to be equivalent to a silicon computer.

Having in mind that a DNA and a silicon computer are considered equivalent, it should be possible to simulate a DNA-computer with an ordinary one. Despite all real intelligence of silicon-programmers not the smallest advance has been made in this area. This genome program is written by pure random, but all brainpower of programmers is not able to simulate or to understand even a small part of it!

There are two different kinds of program runs:

Characteristics of a real silicon computer are:

The speculative DNA-computer mostly as a program:

The speculative DNA-computer mostly as a computer:

The mechanism of a DNA-computer has at many places no guide rail structure. A DNA-computer is dramatically influenced by random.

Here is how the silicon computer is constructed regarding random influences at critical places: The lack of almost any guide rail structure presents the DNA-computer quite differently:

Silicon and DNA-computer are considered being mathematically equivalent. This means they are equally sensitive to random operations at wrong places. That leads us to the conclusion:

The genetic program is no program at all. It is doomed to crash as soon as it starts.

This would hold true even if the influence of random on this combined program-computer were decreased by a huge factor. If you were describing a computer scientist such a computer (while hiding that you are describing life) he would laugh at you.

A very direct view reveals the same, the emperor without his clothes. A computer is literally nothing but guide rail structure assembled in a way, that everything arrives at the right place at the right time. And the DNA-computer lacks exactly this essential component, the very ingredient that makes a computer being a computer.

Genetic scientists ignore the possibility that their primary dogma is false.

For them the genome and the described mechanical process being the whole program of life is a sure thing, something as sure as 100%. A scientist who denies the possibility of falseness of his assumptions is no scientist. Scientific advance can only be made with overcoming a wrong thesis. If a fundamental law (as scientists often falsely call what they better should call working hypothesis) is by their definition correct, they can't find out the real truth.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that I am absolutely sure that their premise is wrong, I am only saying that there is a chance of 10% or 50% or 90% or whatsoever that they are wrong. The speculative DNA-computer is a highly complex system, it is hard to imagine how it could work. You can only analyze and observe small parts of it and have to mainly operate with models, so proofs for one or the other side are very hard or impossible to make. But genetic scientists choose to close their eyes facing all the damning evidence against their idea and define their premise as true.

The morphogenetic field

If life is not programmed this way, there has to be another way of assuring that organisms of each kind develop like they ought to do. Given genetic observations, it seems to be clear that the DNA has something to do with part of the process of life, namely the protein synthesis, it is just not the complete story. To put it bluntly, the essence is missing.

There have been ideas like the morphogenetic field for filling this gap. A field which acts like a mold, remembering forms and being able to form a developing molecule, cell, organ or complete creature. Conversely forms of objects are forming the field, there is an interdependency of form and field. Such a forming field would be an universal kind of guide rail, the cardinal element missing in the hypothetical DNA-computer. There is some indication for such a force field, but its existence is unproven up to now, it is just a speculation but nonetheless a plausible theory represented by scientists like Rupert Sheldrake. An additional element to this theory would be that the DNA is something like an anchor for the morphogenetic field.

A morphogenetic field of a species could be associated with its DNA.

The DNA would have two tasks in this model: Anchoring the field and being the printing press for proteins. A multicellular organism has myriads of the same gene sets. They could be a stable hook for the field. Even a single cell has the whole genome of the species in it and could activate "the right" field. Manipulating DNA means possibly two things:

Other species may be affected, because in genetic engineering the injected gene often comes from another species, or simply because the field is spanning around all species in an unknown manner. And exactly that is the big danger of genetic engineering. Manipulating the genome of some animals or plants may not only change these individuals or their descendants.

DNA manipulation may change the building plan of arbitrary other living or future creatures.

Such change of the morphogenetic field may neither be locally nor racially isolated. And it may have some threshold beyond which living organisms are affected, so that effects are not seen yet, or not being recognized as caused by genetic manipulation. The conclusion is simple, it can not be ruled out that genetic engineering will cause a global disaster.

Genetic engineering may kill or degenerate the human or other species'.

Imagine you want to use an elevator and the operator tells you the chance that the rope breaks is only 10%. Would you enter the elevator? Of course not. Even if the chance were only 1 to 1000 that the elevator crashes, it would be not wise to risk that.

Frankly, the morphogenetic field and a species and space gapping effect of manipulating DNA are speculative. But the current view of genetic scientists is speculative, too. It is highly unclear if their basic premise is true. And that makes genetic engineering irresponsible regardless of the validness of the specific alternative theory of morphogenetic fields. Given what stands at risk - life - it is simply stupid to gamble on an elevator, which may crash when you could take the stairs.

Stop DNA manipulation

Stand up against DNA manipulation and genetic engineering!

One way to act is to spread the word by linking to the introductive article at www.visoracle.com about the hidden risk of genetic engineering from your website or to blog about it. Just because no one talks about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The danger is real - do something!


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