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Software for traders supporting our money reversal ambitions by the use of trading systems. This is a collection of freeware, shareware and other software for trading and investing. It has programs for charting, entry signals, stock screening, technical analysis and backtesting. There are broker related software pieces and apps for professional data feeds as well as download facilities for free quotes, news and general market info. Some systems offer auto-trading, others portfolio bookkeeping and some are for mobile investment. Finally there are calculators and spreadsheets for finding investment opportunities in areas where prices are tied to other traded objects like options, Forex, bonds, ETFs and funds.
Virtual machines. Debian and Ubuntu in VMware.
Linux in a window of Windows. Enhance your collection of useful programs with the Debian Linux VMware appliance. Together with the free Player software from VMware it enables you to run Windows and Linux side by side. Debian is the only Linux that offers online installation of 19000 free packages at your fingertips!
Freeware Robot
ClipCollect is a personal database for text snippets and a website builder. Gathering data with ClipCollect means creating a website automatically. Furthermore ClipCollect can convert any directory contents of your hard drive to HTML and build a complete website out of it with only 3 mouse clicks.

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