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Use CDMenuPro to start your CD or DVD automatically with your own individually designed CD autoplay menu - corporate presentations, documents, product catalogs, dissertations, job applications or slide show.
Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable.
Autorun Maestro is highly configurable CD Autorun menu software. With a fully graphical interface including tooltips and wizards, the menus appearance and shape can be completely user configured quickly.
Tidy up your desktop, organize and open your applications, folders, shortcuts and documents.
Check validity of emails in mailing lists, databases and address books. Advanced Email Verifier verifies every email address from a given mailing list and allows you to determine up to 90 % of dead e-mail addresses.
Get free of: the start menu,the web favorites list,the browsing for endless folders,the Desktop, scheduling notes (schedule the resource),have to call one resource at a time (group them), bad presentations,waste of time. All 1 to 5 keystrokes away !
Highly customizable Windows "appbar" on which various components can be placed. Comes with many such components out of the box and users can download or create their using the scripting and plugin systems. Supports skins as well.
Apivision QTbar (Quick Toolbar) is a Utility for Windows Desktop that gives a user quick access to files, folders, subfolders, applications, documents.. and Internet links, Favorite links, Your Personal Internet pages, E-mail with a one-mouse-click!

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