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Fisheye Image Stitcher & Tour Editor

A software suite for the creation of volumetric photos from a pair fisheye shots - Windows Demo $350. EnterNetica VolumePhoto SE is a software suite for the creation of volumetric photos, the bleeding edge of panoramic photography, from a pair of conventional fisheye captures. Built into the editor are a virtual tour creator, as well as the VolumePhoto format converter. VolumePhoto SE can be used for the creation of panoramas for real estate, automobile, museum, promotional, and a variety of other presentations.

VolumePhoto SE 1.0   10-Aug-06   English   3.9 MB

360 degree volumephoto panoramas offer the highest-quality panoramic images. EnterNetica panoramic photo software offers lightning-fast image stitching paired with the industry's most intuitive interface. VolumePhoto SE uses a unique stitching algorithm that joins fisheye-images. The geometric accuracy of its stitching surpasses all existing analogues. VolumePhoto SE contains an antivignetting mechanism which mathematically removes blackout along stitching seams. This tool minimizes the preparation time for textures in a volumetric photo. Volumetric photos in VolumePhoto format can be inserted into MS Office documents using a simple import.

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