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RsEdit - A free Notepad(TM) replacement

RsEdit - A free Notepad (TM) replacement multi-file editor w/syntax highlighting - Windows Freeware. rsEdit is a free replacement for the Windows Notepad editor that comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Features ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o Multiple document editor. You can edit as many text files at once as your computer's memory can handle. o Text files you edit with rsEdit may be as large as your computer's memory can handle. o Has an Insert Text command, which allows you to put one file inside of another. o Has multiple levels of editing undo and redo. o Has date and time insertion commands. o Has Find, Find Next, Replace and Goto Line commands. o Set rsEdit's look, and your changes are remembered between editing sessions.

rsEdit 2.3.2   23-Nov-01   English   755 KB

Changes include the removal of the button bar, status bar and editor background graphic. o Has a macro record and playback facility, to allow you to repeat keystroke commands within a text file. o Set, clear or go to up to ten bookmarks in rsEdit, so you can quickly jump around in your text file. o Change the font type and font size that is used for displaying and printing files. o Supports block cut, copy and paste operations, as well as the same operations for columnar blocks of text. o Has commands to convert text blocks to lowercase, uppercase, captilize and invert text. o Has the ability to modify the file extensions for the file open and save dialogs. o Set rsEdit to automatically load the files that were open the last time you used rsEdit. o If selected, automatically highlight keywords in HTML or Pascal files or create a highlight scheme for any other kind of file. The highlighting can be changed to suit your tastes. o Does not use any non-operating system files in operating system directories such as Windows, WinNT or System, and does not create or use any files in those directories. o Does not use the Windows registry to store any items such as program configuration or status information. The registry is only modified if you chose rsEdit as your default editor.

Editor Notepad Mdi Multiple. Files Syntax Highlight TM Replacement.   rsEdit
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Win2000
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