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Free handy and complete photo editing set

Powerful and easy-to-use image editing tools for free - Windows Freeware. Image editing has never been so easy, pleasant and fast! Get powerful and easy-to-use image editing tools for free with Photo! Editor 1.0! The program provides you a plenty of useful and necessery features. Enhance Color tool makes it possible to improve shots made in places with insufficient or excess lighting or shots you made with wrong camera settings. The Light Artist plug-in lets you apply artistic lighting effects to your photos, as well as add 3D relief. The Denoiser plugin removes digital noise or Jpeg artifacts from your images.

Photo! Editor 1.0   14-Apr-08   English   7.0 MB

Red Eye Fixing plugin allows to remove red eye from photos. Red Eye Fixing is principally noteworthy for the fully automatic work with splendid results. Photo! Editor gives you the joy of creation: The Make Up plug-in is a portrait enhancement tool offering a complete set of retouching filters so that you can achieve a presentable people's or object's look on photos. The Cartoonist plugin lets you create funny caricatures transforming photos with special warping effects. Straightening Titled Photos, Resampling, Cropping and Converting Image Format - all of these plug-ins allows to make size, rotation angle or format of the image just as you like. With new Photo! Editor images can be edited in a batch mode. Batch processing lets you quickly edit multiple photos with minimal effort! You can process images easily using Windows Explorer contextual menu. Just choose image file, right-click on it and select the desired plugin. Operations from contextual menu also can be done in a butch mode, just highlight a set of photos and make mouse right-click. Besides, all functions can be done in the stand-alone program.

Editing Enhance Toolkit Image Processing Improve Red Eye Removal Correct. Color Jpeg Artifacts Retouch Caricature Lighting Effect Straighten Resize Crop Batch Mode Powerful Easy Handy Complete Set.   Photo! Editor
  • Freeware Download from VicMan Software
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Win Tablet PC Edition 2005, Win Media Center Edition 2005, WinVista
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Media Only
  • Changes since the last release: - Windows Vista support - even more user-frienly interface, large buttons, providing better usability - improved denoising tool
  • Requirements: Intel Pentium 66 MHz