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Database pgm: tracks numeric-arranged objects

General database pgm: organize/catalog/track CDs, DVDs, books, coupons, etc - Windows Shareware $9. Syringa Software has redesigned SUPON (formerly specialized for grocery/supermarket coupons) as a general database application. SUPON now organizes and tracks objects numbered and stored in numerical sequence: e.g., music library, wherein CD cases are numbered and stacked in sequential order on shelves; video library, wherein DVDs and/or tapes are similarly numbered and arranged; books_documents library; grocery coupons; or collection of any items that can be numbered and arranged in numeric order--for rapid identification and access.

SUPON 2.05   14-Jun-06   English   4.3 MB

For historical reference and continuity, the name SUPON is retained.SUPON is a small, very friendly--yet powerful--database program for easy management of the kinds of objects described above. Writing or sticking a sequence number on each object, you physically arrange objects in numbered order at your storage location. SUPON lets you build/edit the database and view/print it in different ways to quickly access the object(s) you wish.When you first run SUPON, you see initially the file Open dialog, in which you select from several sample databases. Each database includes a pair of data files: filename.cds and filename_cat.cds . Load a particular database by opening either file of its pair (select one and get the other as well). You can edit any of the sample databases, including name, column headings, table colors, as well as data, and can copy and rename sets of files, according to your preference. On program exit, the files you opened at entry are automatically saved, along with changes, if any.Although SUPON is easy to use, detailed help screens are provided, with step-by-step instructions and helpful suggestions.

Database General Home Library Tracking Management Numbered Objects. Video Music Books Documents Grocery Coupons DVDs CDs Collections Pgm Organize Catalog Numeric Arranged.   SUPON
  • Shareware Download from William M. Yarbrough
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP
  • Expires after 30 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: Transformed into general database program (versus previous specialized application). Provided additional edit capability for names, format, and display (incl color) of data table. Improved table with regard to size, arrangement, and printing of data.
  • Requirements: Celeron/Pentium (AMD equiv) or higher, Win95 or higher, 1.5MB HD