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A fast interactive IFS fractal generator

A fast interactive real-time IFS fractal generator to create brilliant effects - Windows Shareware $39.95. Fractal DRAW is a fast interactive real-time IFS fractal generator to create various natural and artistic fractal graphics and animations. Which offers you an uniquely intuitive method to visually shape attractive fractals just in a click-and-drag way! It is an easy-to-use and wonderful program for graphics designers, video producers, and fractal artists to create brilliant visual effects! The fractal shaping principle of Fractal DRAW is based on IFS (Iterated Function System), which generates infinite self-similar graphics by a series of transformations.

Fractal DRAW PRO 2.5   14-May-06   English   4.0 MB

While shaping fractals with Fractal DRAW, you do not need to use formulas, but draw shapes to form a series of transformations which generates the fractals itself. Unlike the popular formula-based fractal programs that use color gradients to produce splendid but abstract images of the Mandelbrot set, Julia sets and such. Fractal DRAW is an intuitive shape-based fractal generator which uses living brushes to create realistic fractals such as lifelike fractal plants, dynamic particle effects, naturalistic fractal animations, and more fantastic effects that you can imagine!

IFS Generator Self Similar Graphics Image Animation Design. Shape Natural Brush Plant Flower Dynamic Particle Effect Real Render Fast Interactive Create Brilliant.   Fractal DRAW PRO
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