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NO BAD PHOTOS - promise by Noromis PhotoLab

Download, fix, print, share your photos - automatically, including red eye fix - Windows Shareware $29.95. NO BAD PHOTOS - promise by Noromis PhotoLab. Process all your photos in a batch and enjoy your digital memories. Noromis PhotoLab is the first photo printing software that lets you transfer photos from your digital camera, automatically enhance, and then print at home in just two mouse clicks. Built-in intelligence automatically adjusts exposure, contrast, color balance, saturation and sharpness, and automatically fixes red eyes - individually for each photo or in a batch.

Noromis PhotoLab 2.20   8-Aug-07   English   16.4 MB

Fine tune adjustments, crop, rotate, refine skin appearance, and reduce digital noise. Noromis PhotoLab always preserves your original photo, and applies modifications in the correct order, ensuring lab-quality results. You can even go back and undo almost any change in any order. When printing, choose the photos and print size, pick one of the multiple layouts that bets fits you desired print and paper size and Noromis PhotoLab scales photos and chooses the best layout for perfect, professional prints.

Digital Auto Fix Print Enhance Red Eye Exposure. Contrast Color Balance Sharpening Noise Reduction Skin Tone Crop Rotate Mail Download Automatically Including BAD.   Noromis PhotoLab
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