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Cut windows to the gadgets or capture screen

The program mapps an window region into the Vidi window, clipboard or into file - Windows Shareware $26.15. This product is an program the main purpose of which is to cut specified areas of windows into easy usable dynamic gadgets, into the clipboard, to a picture file, or into the picture editor as static captures. Vidi tools include a window mapper realized as Scissors and gadget engine implemented as Vidi engine. The product is tested on Microsoft windows XP professional, on Microsoft XP Home, and on the Microsoft windows Vista family operating systems. The programs, however, utilizes .NET platform, and should be capable to run on all MS .NET equipped operating platforms. It enhances focus on relevant content increases its availability.

Vidi windows 1.7   14-Feb-08   English   10.9 MB

By using Vidi tools, more window content can remain visible on a desktop instead of keeping it hidden within a taskbar. The Vidi mapper provides a user with a window Scissors tool for mapping an arbitrary window region easily and quickly into an intelligent gadget, the Vidi window. Vidi gadgets used alongside conventional windows improve users experiences by providing easier access to relevant content. Additionally, it offers a nice visualisation of Screen Capturing to clipboard, to a file or into the picture editor. Mapped windows allow moving, scrolling and exploring content on the desktop. The appearance of a particular Vidi window could be customised as for example the visual style, border size, and colouring. Adjustments of content and border transparency and luminosity could be performed in an easy and intuitive way. The form could be set or adjusted to a rectangular or free ( not within Light Edition) shape. Partial elements of mapped windows could be switched on or off on the display, by a single click. All settings, including screen position and appearance, can be saved or retrieved from a file. These properties enable utilisation of completely new usage paradigms on the display surface. Vidi tools significantly improve users experiences of conventional windows usage for both lesser and more demanding users.

Screen Capturing Gadgets Enhancement. Program Mapps Region Clipboard File Cut.   Vidi windows
  • Shareware Download from Jani Kocjan
  • Screenshot
  • WinXP, WinVista
  • Expires after 30 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: 14.2.2008
  • Requirements: .NET 2.0 and higher