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Snaggle is an amazing screen capture utility

Snaggle provides an easy way to perform dazzling screen captures - Windows Shareware $15. Snaggle is an easy to use screen capture program that greatly enhances the functionality of the Print Screen key in Microsoft Windows. The standard functionality of the Print Screen key allows you to copy your entire desktop or the currently active window to the system clipboard. Snaggle does this too, but it also does much, much more. With Snaggle, pressing the Print Screen key or initiating a screen capture from the system tray presents you with a whole set of options that were not previously available. You still have the option of capturing the desktop, but you can also select from any window on your desktop.

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You can even select an area of your desktop that you would like to capture by drawing a custom shape right on the screen. Whatever lies within the shape you specify will be captured by Snaggle. Once an image has been captured, there are a variety of options available from within the Snaggle Capture Preview window: - Save an image in Windows Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), or Portable Network Graphic (.png) format. - Send the image as an e-mail attachment. - Copy the image to the clipboard. - Add a border of any color and width. - Add a shadow behind the captured image. - Display or hide the cursor that was captured with the image or display the standard arrow cursor. - Reposition the cursor anywhere on the captured image - it can even hang over into the border - Add spotlight effects of any shape, size or color. - Invert the image colors. - Fade any or all edges into the background. - Crop the image to any shape you desire. - Shrink the image from its original size. All of this is instantly available simply by pressing the Print Screen key. If you need to capture screen images for manuals, help files, web sites, training materials or anything else, Snaggle may be just the tool you need. To find out more, download an evaluation version today or send any questions you have to

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