Virtual Machines
Virtual Machines of Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint in VMware.
Linux in a window of Windows Enhance your collection of useful programs with the Debian Linux VMware appliance. Together with the free Player software from VMware it enables you to run Windows and Linux side by side.
Squeak Media, application and programming environment that blurs the borderline between developer and user. Runs as a complete desktop system on top of all common operating systems.
Illusionary Machines
Money machine Is it only an illusion or could it become reality for the brave seeker? Visoracle's trading system may be the advantage the small trader or investor needs to succeed in the stock market.
Possibly impossible Machines
DNA The wishful thinking of genetic scientists or how to invent a new computer. Critical reasoning about the possible role of DNA in life.
Art machine From the descendants of Turing to the universe.
Visoracle Mind mapping machine - still developing...
Helpful ghosts
Website generator and text snippets collector.
Download and Ada's Wonderland
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Energy and Contact
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