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Using another keyboard layout

Right click the USA or Deu in the upper right corner and select Open Keyboard preferences. There you can add the localization scheme that fits to your keyboard.

Changing the screen resolution

Newer VMware software might be able to change the screen resolution of the guest by resizing the window in the host system. Whether that works without quirks or not depends on the version of the VMware Tools that are installed in the guest system and how they interact with the guest. Simply try things out using the various settings the Workstation offers and if the results are not satisfying you may try to change the screen resolution in the guest system.

Unfortunately the graphical dialog in the guest system to change the screen resolution may not work, because the VMware Tools are part of the virtual PC and have to be reconfigured which involves a recompilation if the config-script is used out of the box. Start a root terminal with Applications->Accessories->Root Terminal and enter the password "root".

Note: If you set up CIFS or SMBFS you should backup /etc/fstab at this point, because the following will replace "fstab" with "fstab.BeforeVMwareToolsInstall" effectively removing the CIFS or SMBFS lines.

The appliance should now start with a changed screen resolution.


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