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Networking with the host system via CIFS or SMBFS

The newer VMware software allows to access folders of the host system with the built-in Shared Folders feature. This is convenient and in many cases sufficient and so there is no need anymore to set up networking with CIFS or SMBFS.

Otherwise, it is recommended to set up CIFS and mount shares automatically during booting. If that is not possible, the second choice is to try to get file sharing with the host system working with SMBFS.

Note: The Debian 5.0 appliance has no preinstalled local boot commands file anymore. You have to create it on your own for using SMBFS or CIFS conveniently without having to start networking every time manually.

Enabling shares in the host system is necessary if the guest wants to access folders of the host via networking with CIFS or SMBFS. It is not necessary for using the convenient Shared Folders of VMware.

How to enable shares in Windows: How to connect to Windows shares from Debian: or: enter:
  Service type-> Windows share
  Server: name of the Windows computer
click: Connect

then an authentification dialog comes up, where a real windows user has to be entered, even if the windows share has permission for everyone:



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