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Content of the readme file that is included in the download:

What is this?
This is an "appliance" or image containing the Linux distro Debian Lenny 
that can be run with software from VMware as a guest system in a window
of the host operating system.

Either use VMware Workstation or the free VMware Player available at:

More information to get started:

What exactly is this?
Debian Lenny 5.0.0 - Full Desktop Gnome System
  standard installation from CD1
  plus compiler environment, Synaptic, Gnome Network Manager
installed into VMware Workstation 6.0 and Player 2.5
installed VMwaretools Tools of WS 6.5.1 - 7.8.4-126130
10 GB disc capacity split into files < 2 GB
256MB RAM 

username: root password: root
username: user password: user

language: English
keyboard: German
screen resolution: 1024*768

- works with VMware Workstation >= 6.x and Player >= 2.x
- tested with VMware Player 2.5
- VMwaretools are fully installed
  -> host system integration: copy&paste, cursor grabbing, Shared Folders...
- all files are smaller than 2 GB to be able to make a snapshot by packing them with zip
- if the host is online the system is ready for installation of new packages (about 23000).
  The main repository addresses for Lenny have been added to the sources.list. Just start
  System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager and press reload.
- for more information start the Epiphany or the Iceweasel web browser. Both have their
  homepages pointed to  http://www.visoracle.com  so that it is most
  convenient to get e.g. networking set up (you will have to copy and paste commands).

Documentation files
InstallDoc.txt - a description of how exactly this appliance has been installed 

Homepage with additional info: 
- how to get started and which packages may be useful to load
- some documentation about things like e.g. how and why to set up
  SMBFS or CIFS instead of using Shared Folders
- other VMware and VirtualBox images



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