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Linux in Windows

Getting started

LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu and that is derived from Debian. Look here for basic information how to get started with a Debian VMware appliance. This page mentions only things that are specific to the LinuxMint appliance.

Using another keyboard layout

Start Daryna->Preferences->Keyboard and add or choose the localization scheme that fits to your keyboard.

The passwords

Since LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu the administrative or sudo password for "user" is user.

So it is the same as the general password for this account. In other words, if you are logged in as "user", there is only this password working, no matter what you are doing.

The password to log into the root account however is root.

Changing the screen resolution

Unfortunately there is no graphical dialog to change the screen resolution, because the VMware tools are part of the virtual PC and have to be reconfigured by starting the config-script. Start a terminal with Daryna->Terminal.

Note: If you set up CIFS or SMBFS you should backup /etc/fstab at this point, because the following will replace "fstab" with "fstab.BeforeVMwareToolsInstall" effectively removing the CIFS or SMBFS lines.

The appliance should now start with a changed screen resolution.


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