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Ubuntu Linux in Windows

Contents of the readme file

What exactly is this?
Ubuntu 8.04 - Full Desktop Gnome System - ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso
  standard installation with some changes from the Alternate CD
  with VMwareTools-e.x.p-84113
  8 GB disc capacity split into files < 2 GB
  installed into VMware Player 1.0.6 and finished with Workstation 6.0.3
  256MB RAM 

language: English
keyboard: German
screen resolution: 1024*768

additional changes:
  OpenOffice got removed
  preparation for networking via CIFS and SMBFS
  some Firefox prefs e.g. enhanced privacy
  some UI changes

username: user     password: user     administrative password: user

!! Note: Ubuntu has only one password,
         thus the administrative or sudo password for user is: user

language: English
keyboard: German
screen resolution: 1024*768

- works with VMware Workstation >= 5.x and Player >= 1.x
- tested with VMware Workstation 2.0.3, Player 1.0.6, Workstation 6.0.3
- VMwaretools are fully installed
  -> host system integration: copy&paste, cursor grabbing, Shared Folders...
- all files are smaller than 2 GB to be able to make a snapshot by packing them with zip
- the system is prepared to share files with the host via:
  - Shared Folders of the VMware Workstation
  - virtual network with SMBFS
  - virtual network with CIFS
- if the host is online the system is ready for installation of new packages. 
  Just start the Synaptic Package Manager and press reload
- for more information start the Firefox web browser. It has its
  homepage pointed to  http://www.visoracle.com/download/ubuntu/  so that it is most
  convenient to get e.g. networking set up or the screen resolution changed
  (you will have to copy and paste commands)

Documentation files
a description of how exactly this appliance has been installed 

Homepage with additional info: 
- how to get started and what packages may be useful to load
- some mini HowTos like e.g:
  - how to change the screen resolution
  - how and why to set up SMBFS or CIFS instead of using Shared Folders.
    This is essential for Player 1.x users but because CIFS is the more
    functional way of sharing folders it is generally interesting.
- more to come over time. I plan to
  - collect Linux tips and tricks for this appliance
  - keep the Debian-based VMware appliances up to date.



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